Acts and Ordinances




arrow right2-nouveau ACT N° 2013-451 dated 19 June 2013 on the fight against cybercrime  >>To download(pdf, 269Ko) 

arrow right2-nouveau LAW N° 2013-450 dated June 19, 2013 on the protection of personal data >>To download(pdf, 377Ko) 


arrow right2 Act N°2001-339 of June 14, 2001 Establishing the payment of a financial consideration For the issuance of the final license to Telecommunications operators  >>To download(pdf, 231Ko) 


arrow right2Ordinance N°2012-293 of March 21 2012 relating to Telecommunications and Information and Communication Technologies >>To download(pdf, 403Ko)  

arrow right2 Ordinance N°97-173 of March 19, 1997 On Duties, Taxes and Charges on Radio  >>To download(pdf, 395Ko)   


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