arrow right2-nouveau Ordonnance N° 2017-500 du 02 août 2017 
Relative aux échanges électroniques entre les usagers et les autorités administratives et entre les autorités administratives >>en téléchagement(pdf, 2.29Mo) nouveau1

arrow right2 Ordonnance N° 2012-293 du 21 mars 2012 
Relative aux Télécommunications et aux technologies de l'Information et de la communication >>en téléchagement(pdf, 9.94Mo)  

arrow right2 Ordonnance N° 97-173 du 19 Mars 1997
Relative aux droits, taxes et redevances sur les radiocommunications
 >>en téléchagement(pdf, 395Ko)  




arrow right2 DECREE N°2015-173
dated march 19 2015 appointing a board member of the Telecommunications/ICT Regulatory body of Côte d'Ivoire >>To download (pdf, 153Ko) 

arrow right2 DECREE N°2015-78
dated february 4th, 2015 on the management of the first level of internet domain of Cote d’Ivoire  ".ci" >>To download (pdf, 300Ko) 

arrow right2 DECREE N°2013-333
dated May 22, 2013 appointing the members of the Regulation Board of the Telecommunications / ICT Regulatory Body of Côte d' Ivoire. >>To download(pdf, 326Ko)

arrow right2 DECREE N°2013-332
dated May 22, 2013 appointing the Managing Director of the Telecommunications / ICT Regulatory Body of Côte d' Ivoire.>>To download(pdf, 178Ko)

arrow right2 DECREE N°2013-301 dated May 2, 2013 on the approval of terminal equipment and radio and the approval of installer.>>To download(pdf, 227Ko)

arrow right2 DECREE N°2013-302
dated May, 2 2013 determining the content of the Specifications of the individual license and general license for the establishment and operation of telecommunications / ICT networks and the provision of telecommunications services.>>To download(pdf, 215Ko)

arrow right2 DECREE N°2013-300
dated May 2, 2013 relating to the interconnection of telecommunications networks and services and unbundling of the local loop
.>>To download(pdf, 256Ko)

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