History reports

arrow right2-nouveau 4th quarter 2016 >>To download (pdf, 1.35Mo)  
arrow right2 3rd quarter 2016 >>To download (pdf, 1.35Mo) 
arrow right2 2nd quarter 2016 >>To download (pdf, 1.33Mo)
arrow right2 1st quarter 2016 >> To download (pdf, 1.5Mo)
2015 : Statistical report of the telecommunication sector
arrow right2 Annual  - 2015 >>To download(pdf, 1.40Mo)
arrow right24th quarter 2015 
>>To dowload (pdf, 1.33Mo) 
arrow right23rd quarter 2015 >>To dowload (pdf, 1.67Mo)
2014 : Statistical report of the telecommunication sector
arrow right24th quarter 2014>>To dowload (pdf, 1.29Mo) 
arrow right2 3rd quarter 2014 >>To download (pdf, 1.16Mo)   
arrow right2 2nd quarter 2014>>To download (pdf, 600Ko) fr
arrow right2 1st quarter 2014>>To download(pdf, 560Ko) fr

arrow right2 Annual 2013, >>To download (pdf 1.6Mo) fr

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