Procedure related to the prior notification of processing of personal data

Pursuant to Articles 5 to 11 of Law No. 2013-450 dated June, 19 2013 on the protection of personal data, the processing of personal data is subject to prior notification to ARTCI. The notification shall include a commitment that the processing meets the requirements of the law.

The applications for prior notifications of processing of personal data and attached documents are addressed to the Chairman of the Regulation Board of ARTCI by email, post or by any other means upon acknowledgement of receipt. ARTCI issues a receipt in response to the notification, if appropriate electronically. The applicant may implement the processing upon receipt of its receipt. The notification does not relieve the holder from any of his responsibilities to third parties.

The processing falling under the same organization and having the same or interrelated goals may be subject of a single notification. The information required under the notification are provided for each of the processing to the extent that they are its own.

ARTCI shall decide within a period of one (1) month from the receipt of the notification. However, this period may be extended to one (1) additional month upon reasoned decision of ARTCI.

The absence of a response within the time limit from ARTCI shall tantamount to a rejection of the notification. In this case, the data processing controller may appeal to the competent court. The terms of filing of processing personal data are established by decree.

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