The General Management

- The daily management of technical, administrative and financial affairs of ARTCI is provided by a Management headed by a Managing Director.

The Managing Director is appointed by decree of the Cabinet Meeting on proposal of the Minister of Telecommunications / ICT for a term of four years, renewable once.

- The General Management of ARTCI is organized into directorates, departments and sub- Services, following an organization Chart proposed by the Managing Director and approved by the Regulatory Board.

The Managing Director may establish, with the approval of the Regulatory Board, committees which defines the tasks and determines the duration and composition, including a disciplinary committee for staff and advisory committees to examine all issues related to Telecommunications / ICT.

- The Managing Director shall have authority over all the staff of ARTCI acting under his responsibility.

The Managing Director acting under the authority of the Regulatory Board. He participates in the meetings of the Regulatory Board with an advisory capacity.

- Applications for authorizations or licenses for the exercise of a Telecommunication / ICT activity and litigation files are handled by the General Management, on behalf of the Regulatory Board.

The Managing Director may receive delegated authority from the Regulatory Board for the processing of certain cases which involve technical or emergency response and technically appropriate.

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