LiFi: Internet from.... light bulbs

The Lifi for Light Fidelity is a technology using the light emitted by the LED bulbs to transmit data. By turning on and off the light very quickly (within a few nanoseconds) and invisible to the naked eye, a frequency is generated to carry information. 

The Lifi can integrate into the Internet network to replace the WiFi access points. Through its integration into LED lamps, computers with transmitter / receiver devices such as USB drives can connect to the network Lifi within 10 to 15 m..

img1 lifi

Since all our houses are equipped with LED bulbs because of their ecological character, large groups are increasing their research to improve the technology and flow rates proposed by the Lifi. Indeed, the market growth is estimated at 82% from 2013 to 2018 and with a monetary value of nearly $ 6 billion per year. There are many advantages. Tests have already achieved a rate of 1GB / s. With Lifi, we are able to accommodate more users than widely on a WiFi terminal. It is especially suitable for areas with electromagnetic sensitivity as crew cabs that should minimize to the maximum interference as it uses light instead of electromagnetic waves. Certainly the use of Lifi is limited by obstacles such as walls saw that the light does not pass through them. However this limit constitutes physical network isolation, one more difficulty for hackers.

img2 lifi

In addition to domestic use, multiple uses are already declined. Event organizers and supermarkets are already considering the bulbs distributed at trade shows or in stores, messages, discounts, information and geo-contextualized multimedia content. Communities already see it as a way to make their cities and transport smarter and disclose touristic contents.
Côte d'Ivoire which since 2012 has distributed low-energy bulbs could support this technology in its broadband development strategy to reduce the digital divide and enable people to acquire lower cost access devices.
A female Ivorian startup "lifi-led" has already begun to promote the Lifi during a Salon and also to the National Assembly.