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Conference on the domain name .CI

Ms. Mireille Houndji Head of the service of numbering and domain name at DRAC (Directorate of Resources Allocation and Control), assisted by Miss Cynthia Traoré (DRAC) presented during JNTIC on Tuesday 19 May, the Ivorian domain name ".ci".
What needs to be known from this presentation is that the domain name is the equivalent of your phone number on the internet. This is how your correspondents and customers will find your website on the web. The domain name ".ci" was created in 1992, and to date there are 5,285 domain names ".ci".

Three entities are involved in management of the domain name: the registry (ARTCI) that ensures the proper technical and administrative operation of the system, the registrar which is the interface between the registry and the registrant, and the registrant is the owner of the domain name. The speaker gave an insight into the efforts of ARTCI since they started managing the domain name. One of the visible aspects is especially the prize of ".ci" which has halved, and this resulted in increased purchases of the Ivorian domain name. Miss Houndji informed that a major promotional campaign will begin in the coming months to make our domain name a reference.

arrow right2The domain name ".CI" expression of the digital identity of Côte d’Ivoire >> See the presentation 
Mireille HOUNDJI, Head of Service Numbering and Domain Name


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