Specifications: mobiles phones operators

Specifications appended to the final license for the establishment and operation of a terrestrial mobile telephone network DUAL-BAND GSM 900/1800 Mhz
The terms below beginning with a capital letter have the following meaning:
Subscriber (s) to the Service or Subscriber (s): indicates and means Customer (s) included in the initial location register of the Operator;
Interconnection Agreement: indicates and means the contract between the Operator and any other telecommunications network Operator open to the public, defining the conditions for interoperability of their respective networks;
Shareholder: indicates and means the natural or artificial person majority shareholder to the capital of the Operator at the time of issuance of the license to manufacture;
Administration: indicates and means any State structure other than the ATCI. Telecommunications Agency of Cote d'Ivoire, ATCI or Agency: indicates and means the public corporation established by Decree No. 98-506 of September 16, 1998; which exercises the powers, duties and obligations vested in the administration by the Telecommunications Code;
Schedule: indicates one or more appendixes herein which form part of the Specifications .
Certificate of license: indicates and means the document entitled "Certification of license" issued on a provisional basis in 1996 by the ATCI to each of the three companies for the establishment and operation of a terrestrial mobile radio communications in the band of 900 Mhz.
Authority or public authority: means any State structure in charge of national defense, security and civil defense.
Specifications: means this document, including its Annexes;

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