Establishment and Missions

The Telecommunications / ICT Regulatory Body of Côte d' Ivoire ( ARTCI ) was established by Decree No. 2012-293 dated  March 21, 2012 after the merger of the Telecommunications Council of Côte d' Ivoire ( CTCI) and the Telecommunications Agency of Côte d' Ivoire ( ATCI ) .

- ARTCI is an independent administrative body with legal personality and financial autonomy.

The Missions of ARTCI are determined by the Ordinance No. 2012-293 dated March 21, 2012 referred to above.
Regulatory tasks are performed by ARTCI independently, impartially and transparently.

- The headquarters of the ARTCI is set to Abidjan. It can be transferred to any other place in the country, with the assent of the Regulatory Board.

- ARTCI is required to produce each year no later than March 30 , a report. This report is submitted to the Minister of Telecommunications. It is published on the website of ARTCI .
- ARTCI has a Regulatory Board and a General Management .


- Define principles and allow the pricing of services that are provided under the monopoly
- Issue licenses to operate telecommunications services ,
- Grant the approval for terminal equipment ,
- Protect Consumers
- Regulate the Internet , competition , interconnection
- Assign the spectrum of frequencies for telecommunication / ICT shareholders.
- Contribute to the exercise of any other public duties as assigned by the government on behalf of the State in the telecommunications sector ,
- Contribute to the performance of the duties of State for Defence and Public Safety .

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